• Production process and coating process of cast iron enameled Dutch oven

    Production process and coating process of cast iron enameled Dutch oven

    The cast iron enamel pot is made of cast iron. After smelting, it is poured into the mold and shaped. After processing and grinding, it becomes a blank. After cooling, the enamel coating can be sprayed. After the coating is completed, it is sent to the baking oven. If it is a laser mark, the enam...
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  • New production line built

    New production line built

    Our company has 10 cast iron pre-seasoning coating production lines and 10 cast iron enamel coating production lines. On this basis, our company has newly added 10 cast iron enamel production lines. The newly added cast iron enamel production line will be completed on March 1, 2022. After complet...
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  • How to use a newly purchased cast iron pan

    First, clean the cast iron pot. It is best to wash the new pot twice. Put the cleaned cast iron pot on the stove and dry it on a small fire for about a minute. After the cast iron pan is dry, pou...
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  • Buy cast-iron pot common sense

    Buy cast-iron pot common sense

    1. Currently, the main production countries in the market are China, Germany, Brazil and India. Due to the epidemic situation, China is the country with comparative advantages in terms of shipments and prices 2, cast iron pot types: cast iron vegetable oil, cast iron enamel, cast iron non-stick p...
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  • Cast iron pot use and maintenance

    Cast iron pot use and maintenance

    1. When using a cast iron enameled pot on natural gas, do not let the fire exceed the pot. Because the pot body is made of cast iron, it has a strong heat storage efficiency, and the ideal cooking effect can be achieved without a large fire when cooking. Cooking with a high flame not only wastes ...
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  • Reasons to choose a cast iron pan

    Cast iron, recognized as the best pot material, is not only harmless to the human body, but also prevents anemia. Enamelled cast iron pot is an upgraded version of pure iron pot, which is environmentally friendly and beautiful. The enamel layer can make the cast iron pot more difficult to rust an...
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